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    Welcome to my blog!

    My name is Héloïse and I come from Lyon, France. I am currently in 2nd year in ESDES Lyon Business School, studying for a master’s degree. My school is part of Catholic University.

    In February, I will leave France to spend a semester of study in Sydney, Australia. I chose the Australian Catholic University (ACU).
    In Australia, it will be the beginning of the school year. The seasons are reversed there, so I will arrive in summer.

    Australia has always been a dream for me; I hope I'll be able to combine studies and discovery of the country, the culture, the habits, customs etc.

    This stay in total immersion will be the opportunity for me to be independent and to experience life in a foreign country. I am confident that this adventure will be rewarding and unforgettable.


    While waiting to take off for the end of the world, here are some pictures of what I'll leave in Lyon:

    To begin with...

    To begin with...


    My current campus: 

    My current campus

    My current campus

    My current campus


    PS: the name of my blog is a kind of pun because my nickname is "Hélo". Therefore, it sounds like “Hello” in English. I wanted to make a little wink to my first name in HeloAustralia.

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